Justice For Rose coin

Wayne State University Police Officer Collin Rose was mortally wounded November 22, 2016. He succumbed to his wounds the next day while his killer ran free. This coin honors our fallen hero and pays tribute to Detroit Police Officers Ben Atkinson and James Kisselburg. These brave officers were shot while attempting to arrest Raymond Durham, the man who was later charged with the murder of Officer Rose.

Officer Atkinson was shot three times March 15, 2017 while his partner Officer Kisselburg was on the ground bleeding and paralyzed. Durham was injured by gunfire and arrested following a short manhunt. Officer Atkinson was later awarded the Congressional Badge of Bravery for risking his life to save his partner. Officer Kisselburg was medically retired because of his injuries.

Durham was charged with Collin's murder and assault with intent to murder Officers Atkinson and Kisselburg. Regrettably all charges were dismissed when Durham was found incompetent to stand trial. Durham remains at the state’s psychiatric center under the authority of the Wayne County Probate Court.

Durham was found responsible for Collin's death in November 2020 as part of a wrongful death lawsuit settled at Third Circuit Court. Durham was held responsible in the amount of $5.5 million for the wrongful death of Collin J. Rose. This was a symbolic ruling for his survivors.

We continue to monitor his progress at the psychiatric center and our hope is that the prosecutor’s office will reissue charges against Durham one day. Until then we wait for our day in court.

This coin features our favorite image of Collin and his partner Clyde on one side. The other side features bold 3D artwork of the Detroit skyline with Lady Justice and Collin's badge alongside the badges of Ben and James.

Proceeds support our efforts to further Collin's legacy, protect working K-9 teams, support new line of duty survivors, and identify forgotten heroes.

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