Lloyd Todd Memorial Coin

Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd Memorial Coin

On September 12, 2022, Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd died from complications from gunshot wounds sustained in the line of duty on December 5, 1998. While the circumstances leading to his untimely death arose more than two decades ago, his heroic acts continue to resonate throughout the Department.

Officer Todd was assigned to the Ninth Precinct. On December 5, 1998, Officers Todd, David Pomeroy and Ramone Childs attempted to stop a van wanted in connection with an abduction that had taken place earlier in the day. The van sped off, and a pursuit ensued. Another unit, staffed by Police Officers Shawn Bandy and Jeff Bonner, later intercepted and joined the pursuit. The van slowed down, after which a suspect in the back of the van began firing at the officers.

Officer Todd, who was driving the scout car, was shot in the head. Shrapnel and glass from the windshield struck his partners. Officer Bandy, the passenger in the other scout car, was struck in the head, neck, and chest. Bullet fragments and glass hit Officer Bandy’s partner.

All the officers were later transported to St. John’s Hospital. Officer Bandy succumbed to his injuries the following day. Officer Todd remained in a coma for over two months and spent a year in a rehabilitative center. He was paralyzed on the left side of his body, lost his right eye, and suffered partial brain damage. He required 24-hour care until succumbing to his injuries 23 years later.

Four suspects were convicted of First-Degree Murder and sentenced to life in prison. The fifth suspect was sentenced to 5-15 years and was murdered in 2017 after being paroled.

Officer Todd was a United States Coast Guard veteran and had served with the Detroit Police Department for five years. He is survived by his son and siblings.

Design of this coin was coordinated with Todd’s survivors and the officers involved on the events of December 5. At their request proceeds will be distributed to nonprofit organizations Officer Down Memorial Page and Living Legends to support fallen and critically injured officers.


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