Katie Scott Hamzy, wife of Bristol Police Officer Alex Hamzy
Laura Demonte, wife of Bristol Police Sgt. Dustin Demonte
Annette Hardaway, mother of Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Deputy Sidnee Carter
Shellie Lane, mother of Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Blane Lane
Suzanne Bennett, partner of Cook County Sheriff's Major Terry Randall "Turtle" Arnold
Sierra Neal, fiance of Richmond Police Officer Seara Burton
Teresa Horne, wife of Edgecombe County Sheriff's Detention Corporal Gregory Horne
Amberlee Martin, wife of Austin Senior Patrol Officer Anthony Martin
Shauna Riley, mother of Columbia Master Police Officer Tyrell Owens-Riley
Lisa Vakoff and Dan Lammers, parents of Arvada Police Officer Dillon Micheal Vakoff
Jodi Ervin, wife of Cobb County Sheriff's Deputy Marshall Ervin Jr.
Amy McDowell-Koleski, wife of Cobb County Sheriff's Deputy Jonathan Koleski
Mandi Russell, wife of Tennessee State Police Sgt. Harold Lee Russell II
Codie Blansett, wife of Marion County Sheriff's Detective Matthew Blansett
Gabriel Garibay, husband of Pima County Constable Deborah Martinez-Garibay
Christopher Clinton,  brother of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
Damon Todd,  brother of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
Deidre Todd,  sister of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
Genet Barthwell, sister of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
Jeff Bonner, co-worker of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
David Pomeroy, co-worker of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
Ramon Childs, co-worker of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
Avery Kammerzell, daughter of Shelby Townshp Police Sgt. Dan Kammerzell 
Jill Kammerzell, wife of Shelby Township Police Sgt. Dan Kammerzell 
Austin Swartz, son of Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Swartz 
Emily Hargraves, wife of Osage County Sheriff’s Captain William Hargraves
Christina Parks, wife of  Jonesboro Police Patrolman Vincent Parks
James and Cynthia Beattie, o parents of Washington County Sheriffs Corporal Chad Beattie
Meghan Perry, wife of El Paso County Sheriffs Deputy Andrew Perry
Stephanie Vargas, fiancé of Miami-Dade police officer Cesar Echaverry
Samantha Smith, wife of Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Christian Smith
Mignon Perkins, sister of Wake County K-9 Deputy Ned Byrd
Sherene Manyan, mother of District of Columbia Public Library Office of Public Safety Police Officer Maurica Manyan
Matthew and Laurie Shahnavaz, parents of Elwood Police Officer Noah Shahnavaz
Ashlee Reynolds, wife of Spalding County Sheriff's Deputy Jamie Reynolds
Gloria Bustos, wife of Smith County Sheriff's Deputy Sheriff Lorenzo Bustos
Kerry-Ann Astree, wife of Fairburn Police Sergeant Jèan-Harold Louis Astree
Tracy Yates, wife of Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Sheriff Matthew Yates
Lynn Mazurkiewicz, wife of Rochester Police Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz
Katie Filger, fiance of North Kansas City Police Officer Daniel Vasquez
Jenefer Nelson, wife of Edmond Police Sergeant Christopher James Nelson
Michael Todd, son of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
Armond Todd, brother of Detroit Police Officer Lloyd Michael Todd
Octavian Balint, husband of Clare County Mounted Deputy Nichole Shuff
Jess Loudenslager, co-worker of Clare County Mounted Deputy Nichole Shuff
Anita Beers, wife of Bernalillo County Sheriff's Lt. Fred Beers
Maria Koren, wife of Bernalillo County  Undersheriff Larry Koren
Noëlle Ashoo, girlfriend of Bernalillo Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Levison
Kimberly Williams, wife of Coralville Police Sgt. John Williams 
Savannah Chaffins, wife of Prestonsburg Police Officer Jacob Chaffins
Clearnce Frasure, wife of Prestonsburg Police Captain Ralph Frasure
Amanda Hudgens, partner of Detroit Police Officer Loren Courts
Kristine Courts, wife of Detroit Police Officer Loren Courts
Jasmine Gaddis, fiancé of Chambers County Sheriff's Deputy J’Mar Abel 
Jennifer Richardson, wife of Fremont Sheriff's Deputy Austin Richardson
Olga Garcia, mother of El Monte Police Officer Joseph Santana
Janine Paredes, wife of El Monte Police Officer Michael Paredes
Tashica Hilliard, wife of Wilmonico County Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard
Stacey Terry, wife of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Detective Justin Terry
Kelvin Croom, father of Meridian Police Officer Kennis Croom
Alisha Patterson, Wife of Florida Fish & Wildlife Senior Investigator Kyle Patterson
Richard and Theresa Fariello, parents of Tallahassee Police Officer Christopher Fariello

Jamie Baker, wife of Nicholas County Sheriff’s  Deputy Thomas Baker

Lushana Lopez, wife of White Mountain Apache Tribal Police Officer Adrian Lopez 
Ariel Vaughn, wife of Cedar Bluff Police Sergeant Christopher Vaughn

Quincey Chavis, husband of Harris County Constable's Office - Precinct 7 Deputy Constable Jennifer Chavis

Gail Critchelow, wife of Ohio County Deputy Sheriff James "Jerry" Critchelow

Roy and Sonia Barr, parents of Cayce Police Officer Roy "Drew" Barr

Jessica Weist, wife of Knox County Sheriff's Deputy Nicholas Weist

Trenton Tullier, son of East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Sgt. Nicholas Tullier

Mary Howard, wife of Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Howard

Michelle Moore Cash, wife of Calloway County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Jody Cash

Flor Zarzoza Almendarez, wife of Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Almendarez 

Ricki Francis, wife of Bluffton Police Officer Dominic Francis 

Zoe Pierson, fiance of Henrico County Police Officer Trey Sutton 

Lora Lebo, wife of Lebanon City Police Lieutenant William Lebo

Julie Crooms, wife of Houston County District Attorney's Office Investigator Donald Crooms

Kim Cooper Carson, wife of Franklin Police Officer Jeffrey Carson

Kelli Rocha, wife of Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha

Brittany Sisca, wife of Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Branden Sisca

Stephanie Mack, wife of Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Martin Mack III

Tina Birnie, wife of Flint Police Captain Collin Birnie

Joe Olvera, husband of Eastland County Sheriff's Sgt. Barbara Majors Fenley

Shannon Chasteen, fiancé of Bonne Terre Police Officer Lane Burns 

Erin Calata, wife of Pierce County Sheriffs Deputy Dominique Calata 

Natasha Ogilvie, wife of Covington Police Officer Caleb Ogilvie

Patrick Wilson, son of Detroit Public Schools Police Officer Freddie Wilson

Freddie Oakley, son of Detroit Public Schools Police Officer Freddie Wilson

Myra Parker, fiancé of Detroit Public Schools Police Officer Freddie Wilson

Krista Tovar, wife of Huntington Beach Police Officer Nicholas Vella

Lorna-Beth Caudell, wife of Arkansas Corrections Sgt. Joshua Caudell

Maral and Jim Burditt, mother and step father of Massachusetts State Trooper Tamar Bucci

Kathleen Duran, wife of Santa Fe Police Officer Robert Duran

Roxy Cooper, wife of Joplin Police Corporal Ben Cooper

Bayley Reed, wife of Joplin Police Officer Jake Reed

Kristi Ingram, fiance of Loudon County Sheriff's Sgt. Christopher Jenkins

Sahota, wife of Vancouver Police Officer Daniel Sahota

Maria Rainey, wife of Carroll County Sheriffs Deputy Noah Rainey

Carol Patterson, wife of Lee County School District  Police Officer Johnny Patterson

Ramon Mora, son of New Haven Police Officer Diane Gonzalez

Jessica Lenehan, wife of Elk Grove Police Officer Tyler Lenehan

Lupita Gutierrez, wife of Harris County Sheriffs Sgt. Ramon Gutierrez 

Sydney Carter, daughter of Harris County Precinct 5 Deputy Constable Charles Galloway Jr

Jessica Painter, wife of Bridgewater College Police Officer John Painter

Shannon Oates Jefferson, wife of Bridgewater College Campus Safety Officer J.J. Jefferson

Debra Bartek, mother of Cleveland Police Officer Shane Bartek

Lyn Stua, wife of Bradley Police Sgt. Marlene Rittmanic

Claudia Membreno, mother of Los Angeles Police Officer Fernando Arroyos

Ashley Horton, wife of North Carolina Trooper John Horton

Alicia Mortensen, wife of Wilkes-Barre Police K-9 Sergeant Christopher Mortensen

Kayla Swindlehurst, wife of DeWitt Township firefighter and paramedic James Swindlehurst

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Denise and Perry Laxson, parents of Clayton County Police Officer Henry Laxson
Crystal Wilkins, wife of Chandler Police Officer Jeremy Wilkins
Leslie Riley, wife of Wayne County Sheriff's Deputy Sean Riley
Adhsiris Ramirez, wife of Independence County Deputy Sheriff Frank Ramirez Jr.
Bob VandenHeuvel, uncle of Mecosta County Sheriff's Deputy Shawn Brimmer
Sara Cook, wife of Kent County Deputy David Cook
Shelley Houston, wife of Mesquite Police Officer Richard Houston II
Robert Daniel, father of Graves County Deputy Jailer Robert Daniel
Jamie Cottongim, wife of Louisville Police Officer Zachary Cottogim
Brenton Goodwin, husband of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Mia Goodwin
Melissa Ponder Brackman, wife of Maricopa Sheriff Lt. Chad Brackman
Kiley Harris, daughter of Sheriff’s Deputy Lena Marshall
Natasha Chandler, wife of Big Stone Gap Police Officer Michael Chandler
Tepatasi Scanlan, wife of Fresno County CorrectIons Officer Toamalama Scanlan
Nadia Aweineh, wife of Harris County Constable Kareem Atkins
Chelsea Howell, girlfriend of Hollywood Police Officer Yandy Chirino
Hannah Howell, fiancée of Knightdale Police Officer Ryan Hayworth
Holly Benda, wife of Iowa Trooper Ted Benda
Officer Linsey Timmins, wife of Pontoon Beach Police Officer Tyler Timmins
Nicole Sherrill, wife of New Hampshire Police Sgt. Jesse Sherill
Vicki Benys, wife of Kingsville Police Officer Sherman Benys
Ankita Desai, wife of Henry County Police Officer
Michael and Joann Gaubert, parents of Louisiana State Trooper Adam Gaubert
Crystal Keyworth, wife of Senior Inspector Jared Keyworth
Mark Bando, father of Pulse night club shooting victim Christopher Andrew Leinonen
Ivy Carter, fiancé of Nassau County Sheriff Deputy Josh Moyers
Cherrish Banks Adams, wife of Memphis Police Officer Darrell Adams
Vida Garbo, wife of DEA Agent Michael Garbo
Heather Milks Harrison, wife of Alamo Police Officer Dylan Harrison
Amanda Rudd, wife of La Paz County Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Rudd
Shannon Evans, mother of Independence Police Officer Blaize Madrid-Evans
Lindsey Wainscott, wife of Grayson County Sheriff’s Investigator Dusty Wainscott
Susanne Jeffrey, wife of Houston Police Officer William Jeffrey
Lauren Gross, wife of Hancock County Sheriff's Deputy Luke Gross
Natasha Sageley, wife of Hardin County Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Locke
Selena Kurer, wife of Fond du Lac Police Officer Joseph Kurer
Brandy Risner, wife of Sheffield Police Sgt. Nick Risner
Teresa Kirkland, wife of Colquit Police Chief Jenny Kirkland
Teresa Kepler, fiancé of New York State Police Trooper James Monda
Gurdip and Jaswinder Grewal, parents of Galt Police Officer Harminder Grewal
Susan Mohl, wife of Connecticut State Police Sgt. Brian Mohl
Melissa Raynor, sister of Daytona Beach Police Officer Jason Raynor
Todd Brower, best friend of Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Proxmire
Denise Cramer , wife of Shiawasse County Sheriff's Deputy Darrell Henderson
Sheryld Kokinis, wife of Branch County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Kokinis
Roanna Proxmire, wife of Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Proxmire
Joanna May, wife of Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Micah May
Melissa Traylor, wife of Austin Police Officer Andy Traylor
Austin Reising, partner of Jefferson County Deputy Sheriff Brandon Shirley
Marissa Dawley, wife of Nelsonville Police Officer Scott Dawley
Elizabeth French, mother of Chicago Police Officer Ella French
Brian and Tammy Pierce, parents of Brooklyn Police Officer Brian Pierce Jr.
Janelle Frazier, mother of Imperial Deputy Sheriff Anthony Redondo
Teresa Collins, wife of Doyline Police Officer William Collins Jr.
Rebecca Bartlett, wife of Lubbock County Sheriff's Sergeant Joshua Bartlett
Ian Anderson, husband of Lane County Sheriff's Deputy Courtney Couch
Monica Moorer, mother of Selma Police Officer Marquis Moorer
Mike and Dottie Ferency, parents of Terre Haute Police Detective Greg Ferency
Christine Campas, wife of Kern County Deputy Sheriff Phillip Campas
Dalene Hart, mother of Pea Ridge Police Officer Kevin Apple
Hester Bialke, wife of Red Lake Nation Police Officer Ryan Andrew Bialke
Karen Goubleman, wife of Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley
Jill Brown, wife of Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Brown
Samantha Smith, wife of Baldwin County Sheriff's Deputy William Smith
Marykate Burson, wife of Holly Springs Police Officer Joseph Burson
Laird Harris, father of Seattle Police Lexi Harris
Kristen New, wife of Phoenix Police Officer Ginnaro New
Kate Harris, wife of Mississippi State Trooper John Harris
Jennifer Familia, wife of Worcester Police Officer Emmanuel Familia
Rebekah Jones, wife of Concho County Sherrif's Sgt. Stephen Jones
Gene Grell, husband of Minnesota Conservation Officer Sarah Grell
Officer Tela Inn, wife of Stockton Police Officer Jimmy Inn
Allison Frazier, wife of Artesia Police Corporal Thomas Frazier
Frances Triplett, wife of Memphis Police Officer Scotty Triplett
Denise Brinton, wife of Nogales Police Officer Jeremy Brinton
Erlah Burdic, wife of Douglas County Deputy Sheriff Stanley "Allen" Burdic
Jaymie Randall, fiance of Bernice Police Officer Matt North
Theresa Goordman, wife of Newton Grove Police Officer Brent Hall
Michelle Hanneken, wife of Illinois State Police Senior Master Trooper Todd Hanneken
Kristin Davis, wife of Washington County Sheriff's Corporal Kyle Jeffrey Davis
Tobie Walker, wife of Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Chad Walker
Shannon Terranova, mother of the children of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans
Cheryl Knight, mother of Bibb County Deputy Sheriff Christopher Knight
Julie Parde, wife of Lexington Police Officer David Parde
Felicia Barnes, wife of Jefferson Davis County Deputy Sheriff Thomas Barnes
Irene Tsakos, wife of NYPD Police Officer Anastasio Tsakos
Kathy Smith, wife of Iowa State Police Sgt. James Smith
Rhonda Burright, wife of Oregon State Police Sgt. John Burright
Amber Oberheim, wife of Champaign Police Officer Chris Oberheim
Grace Benedetti, wife of San Luis Obispo Police Detective Luca Benedetti
Morgan Leonard, wife of Concho Deputy Sheriff Samuel Leonard
Tracey West-Ney mother of Matthew Heacook, son of Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook
Sandra Heacook, wife, of Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook
Canidce Ward, wife of Watauga County Sheriff's Sergeant Chris Ward
Anneliese Moody, girlfriend of Watauga County Sheriff's Deputy Logan Fox
Officer Michael Kasdorf, handler of Hazel Park Police K-9 Lando
Officer James Hibbs, son of Chicago Heights Police Gary Hibbs
Sara McFarland, wife of Iowa Corrections Officer Robert McFarland
Meghan Valencia, wife of Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia
Leah Anne Talley, wife of Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley
Brianna Brozich, daughter of of Madison Heights Fire Captain Jeff Brozich
Lindsay Brozich, wife of Madison Heights Fire Captain Jeff Brozich
Katherine Bedwell, wife of Decatur County Sheriff's Captain Justin Bedwell
Kara Winum, wife of Stanley Police Officer Dominic Winum
Cassandra Mitchum, mother of Second City Court of New Orleans Constable's Office Reserve Deputy Constable Martinus Mitchum
Erica Albanese, wife of Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Thomas Albanese
Michelle Lagore, wife of Ohio Natural Resources Officer Jason Lagore
Cynthia Lasco, wife of Indiana Department of Corrections Lt. Eugene Lasco
Stephanie Magli, wife of Pinellas County Deputy Sheriff Michael Magli
Jennifer Mann-Boutte, wife of Hancock County Sheriff's Lieutenant Michael Boutte
Ashley Ohmer, fiancé of Toledo Police Officer Brandon Stalker
Rachel Gibson, wife of Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff Adam Gibson
Cathleen LaVigne, wife of Hillsborough County Sheriff's Master Corporal Brian LaVigne
Milton Gore, brother of Horry County Police Officer Melton "Fox" Gore
Charles and Gladys Sicknick, parents of U.S. Captiol Police Officer Brain Sicknick
Elizabeth price, wife of Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Johnathan David Price
Taylor Best, wife of North Myrtle Beach Police Sergeant Gordon Best
Tracy Vinson-Watson, wife of Harris County Sheriff's Sergeant Bruce Watson
Jule Sidelinger, wife of Ann Arbor Firefighter Craig Sidelinger