Kristen New, wife of Phoenix Police Officer Ginnaro New

Kate Harris, wife of Mississippi State Trooper John Harris

Jennifer Familia, wife of Worcester Police Officer Emmanuel Familia

Rebekah Jones, wife of Concho County Sherrif's Sgt. Stephen Jones

Gene Grell, husband of Minnesota Conservation Officer Sarah Grell

Officer Tela Inn, wife of Stockton Police Officer Jimmy Inn

Allison Frazier, wife of Artesia Police Corporal Thomas Frazier

Frances Triplett, wife of Memphis Police Officer Scotty Triplett

Denise Brinton, wife of Nogales Police Officer Jeremy Brinton

Erlah Burdic, wife of Douglas County Deputy Sheriff Stanley "Allen" Burdic

Jaymie Randall, fiance of Bernice Police Officer Matt North

Theresa Goordman, wife of Newton Grove Police Officer Brent Hall

Michelle Hanneken, wife of Illinois State Police Senior Master Trooper Todd Hanneken

Kristin Davis, wife of Washington County Sheriff's Corporal Kyle Jeffrey Davis

Tobie Walker, wife of Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Chad Walker

Shannon Terranova, mother of the children of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans

Cheryl Knight, mother of Bibb County Deputy Sheriff Christopher Knight

Julie Parde, wife of Lexington Police Officer David Parde

Felicia Barnes, wife of Jefferson Davis County Deputy Sheriff Thomas Barnes

Irene Tsakos, wife of NYPD Police Officer Anastasio Tsakos

Kathy Smith, wife of Iowa State Police Sgt. James Smith

Rhonda Burright, wife of Oregon State Police Sgt. John Burright

Amber Oberheim, wife of Champaign Police Officer Chris Oberheim

Grace Benedetti, wife of San Luis Obispo Police Detective Luca Benedetti

Morgan Leonard, wife of Concho Deputy Sheriff Samuel Leonard

Tracey West-Ney mother of Matthew Heacook, son of Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook

Sandra Heacook, wife, of Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook

Canidce Ward, wife of Watauga County Sheriff's Sergeant Chris Ward

Anneliese Moody, girlfriend of Watauga County Sheriff's Deputy Logan Fox

Officer Michael Kasdorf, handler of Hazel Park Police K-9 Lando

Officer James Hibbs, son of Chicago Heights Police Gary Hibbs

Sara McFarland, wife of Iowa Corrections Officer Robert McFarland

Meghan Valencia, wife of Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia

Leah Anne Talley, wife of Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley

Brianna Brozich, daughter of of Madison Heights Fire Captain Jeff Brozich

Lindsay Brozich, wife of Madison Heights Fire Captain Jeff Brozich

Katherine Bedwell, wife of Decatur County Sheriff's Captain Justin Bedwell

Kara Winum, wife of Stanley Police Officer Dominic Winum

Cassandra Mitchum, mother of Second City Court of New Orleans Constable's Office Reserve Deputy Constable Martinus Mitchum

Erica Albanese, wife of Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Thomas Albanese

Michelle Lagore, wife of Ohio Natural Resources Officer Jason Lagore

Cynthia Lasco, wife of Indiana Department of Corrections Lt. Eugene Lasco

Stephanie Magli, wife of Pinellas County Deputy Sheriff Michael Magli

Jennifer Mann-Boutte, wife of Hancock County Sheriff's Lieutenant Michael Boutte

Ashley Ohmer, fiancé of Toledo Police Officer Brandon Stalker

Rachel Gibson, wife of Sacramento County Deputy Sheriff Adam Gibson

Cathleen LaVigne, wife of Hillsborough County Sheriff's Master Corporal Brian LaVigne

Milton Gore, brother of Horry County Police Officer Melton "Fox" Gore

Charles and Gladys Sicknick, parents of U.S. Captiol Police Officer Brain Sicknick

Elizabeth price, wife of Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Johnathan David Price

Taylor Best, wife of North Myrtle Beach Police Sergeant Gordon Best

Tracy Vinson-Watson, wife of Harris County Sheriff's Sergeant Bruce Watson

Jule Sidelinger, wife of Ann Arbor Firefighter Craig Sidelinger

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